• Complexities Associated with a Preliminary Evaluation

    Deal with the complexities of evaluation with personal Injury law firm Rockford

    Negotiation tactics come in many forms and the preliminary evaluation is one of them. The process entails an attorney evaluating the worth of the case and trying to procure a settlement as close to the high end of the evaluation as possible. An attorney may request a settlement far, far beyond the high end of the evaluation figure. The idea at work here is the counter offer will end up being as close to the more reasonably expected high end of the settlement evaluation.

    Unfortunately, when an attorney from Personal Injury law firm in Rockford turns around and accepts the “real” high end figure, the other party may turn around with another counter offer that is far below that figure. Essentially, a claim may be put forth that this is all the party being sued can afford and reflects the only viable settlement amount. At this point, an attorney and his/her client could end up being locked in to accept the low offer. The other option would be to continue negotiating for a higher settlement or moving into the courtroom for trial.

    One way to avoid such a scenario playing out would be for the attorney of Personal Injury law firm Rockford to have a clear idea as to the minimum amount a plaintiff will accept and reveal and stick with that figure.

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