• How To File A Proper Insurance Claim

    How to File a Proper Insurance Claim with Car accidents attorneys in Rockford

    Having an accident is enough reason for concern, but how the insurance company files your claim is important. A multiple car accident can cause a tedious formal investigation. The goal is the have the accident properly assessed and have the claim filed against the appropriate insurance company. Your run the risk of losing claim towards your accident when you speak the other party or sign papers without legal advice. When you’re involved in an accident, if you don’t have an attorney, seek legal consultation. Most Car accidents attorneys in Rockford have a free consultation and you don’t pay unless you win your claim.

    How Do I File A Claim?

    Be sure to exchange insurance information with anyone involved in the collision.

    • Call the police (Having a proper police is report is mandatory).
    • Take pictures during the accident with your cellphone or camera.

    (Having photos immediately after the accident can help with your claim).

    • Contact your insurer (Be sure to only speak to your insurance company).
    • (Talking to the other insurance company without legal counsel can cause the opposing
      insurance company to use information against you).

    n accident doesn’t have to ruin your life. File a proper claim with Car accidents attorneys in Rockford and recover the money.

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