• Know What to Expect During a Personal Injury Case

    Know What to Expect from your Personal Injury law cases in Rockford

    The legal system can be intimidating, especially during a personal injury lawsuit. However, the law exists to protect your basic rights and help you if you have been injured by an accident that was no fault of your own. Most personal injury cases consist of investigation, negotiation, and litigation. Though these phases of a Personal Injury law cases in Rockford may overlap, your attorney should guide you through each one.


    This is the first phase of your case and will involve visiting the accident scene on the same day or night the accident occurred, and taking pictures and notes about the scene. The investigation phase will also include your attorney obtaining and reviewing your medical records as well as reports filed by first responders, witnesses and treating physicians.


    During the negotiation phase of your Personal Injury law cases in Rockford, your attorney will contact the insurance company and discuss your injuries and try to negotiate a settlement. The negotiation phase generally involves rejecting low offers and pressuring the insurance company with repeated demands.


    If repeated attempts at reaching a settlement fail, then the case moves on to litigation. Litigation is the actual filing of the lawsuit with the court system. Litigation involves discovery, depositions and the trial. Negotiations may continue during the litigation phase and a trial may not be necessary if a settlement is agreed upon.

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