• Negotiation Tactics Used by Adjusters

    Negotiation Tactics Used by Personal injury attorney in Rockford

    Using the Carrot Tactic

    This is a technique that is commonly employed by claims adjustment. The âcarrot tactic†consists of basically stalling for time, making you believe that you will get an early settlement if you just keep waiting a little longer. It can stretch out for several months. The adjuster will not make a settlement offer even after 2 months has passed, stating that it is still being evaluated or that a higher-up is processing it.

    Your Personal injury attorney in Rockford can counter this by clearly demanding that the adjuster give a specific date for a response. Of course, there is also the possibility of filing suit.

    Asking What You Will Take

    This response is also common among adjusters. The adjuster or a defense attorney will get in touch with you Personal injury attorney in Rockford to tell them that they want to settle the matter in a non adversarial way. He will ask how much it will take to settle your claim. His goal would be to have your attorney reveal what you’re willing to take as a bottom line figure.

    Giving an answer to this will rarely result in a good settlement. Your attorney should reply by saying that you’re willing to take what you originally asked for or more.

    Greene & Lloyd, PLLC has years of experience in this practice area and can be of further assistance.

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