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    What do you feel about tour dealings with Personal Injury Lawyer Rockford?

    There is one rule of thumb that most personal injury lawyers have. Most of them abide by “represent clients you like, do not represent those you don’t.”

    With that being said, most lawyers will spend their time investigating their clients. It’s not just about the case, it’s about the personal investment. Most Personal Injury Lawyer Rockford does not want to spend their time helping clients who feel entitled or feel as if they are “owed” something.

    What makes a client negative or entitled?

    Most clients who are negative have nothing good to say about anything. Most of them only look for what is wrong with the world, not what is right with the world. Within the first few seconds Personal Injury Lawyer in Rockford can usually tell if a client is going to be a “glass half full or glass half empty” type of person.

    There is also the question of being “entitled.” Most clients like this expect lots of attention thrown at them, not being grateful for an ounce of it. They ask for extra money, results, time and attention. It can be exhausting. No matter what the outcome for the case is, these clients are not happy. They will never be satisfied with anything their lawyer does. Clients like this also spend very little time being angry themselves. They will also blame everyone but themselves for their mishaps.

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