Kim & Scherer LLC is a personal injury law firm located in Metro Atlanta. The law firm is owned and managed by Edward Kim and April Scherer two eminent personal injury lawyers in Rockford. We bring in many years of experience in successfully litigating cases on behalf of clients who have been victims of road accidents and have faced difficult in claiming benefits for their losses and pain. Well versed in Personal Injury Law, Kim and Scherer lead a team of seasoned attorneys and other staff members who effectively protect your rights and help you earn the highest settlement to cover your entire medical and rehabilitation costs including loss of wages. As experienced attorneys we also keep an eye on your future costs from the injury such as medical needs and loss of limbs that may affect career.

    We Know What It Takes to deal with Car Accident Lawyer in Rockford

    Whether you are looking for a truck accident lawyer in Kansas or one who has experience in dealing with a motorcycle injury case; we have the experience to help you take on your insurance company or someone whose negligence led to your injury. Along with automobile injury we also take up cases related to injuries at the workplace or elsewhere. Over the years we have dealt with the most complex injury cases and even those where the victim has succumbed to his/her injuries. What separates us from others is the fact that we dedicate quality time to preparation. Every personal injury case is different and hence we start from scratch studying the accident report, medical reports and the insurance plan that you or your loved one had paid for in the past.

    Protecting Your Rights

    As attorneys we are well aware of how insurance companies often exploit victims when they are at their most vulnerable condition. While you are fighting your pain, your insurers often delay compensation or reduce it to an amount that doesn’t compensate you well enough for your sufferings. In some cases they simply reject your claim altogether without stating a valid reason. We are motivated by the zeal to fight such corrupt practices in the insurance industry and committed to protecting your honor and dignity. Our attorneys immediately take over the communication with your insurers relieving you of the ordeal.

    We dedicate ourselves to helping injured clients. The fact that we have brought back smiles in the faces of many victims and their families keeps us motivated to take up the most challenging cases and help clients secure justice from the court. As the most preferred car accident lawyer in Rockford we enjoy a proven track record where we have helped dozens of clients get benefits that have been promised to them by their insurers. Our goal is to ensure that clients are compensated for all of their losses and make them whole again. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, please contact us and let us help you. It would be our pleasure to assist you. Kim & Scherer LLC, where clients refer friends and family.

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