Know what to do after trial from The Law Office in Rockford

    When we win the trial how long should it take to get paid?

    If the judge renders a verdict in your favor, the results should be finalized within weeks. Wait for the defense attorney to appeal the verdict but if he fails to appeal the verdict, the lawyers should calculate the final figure considering attorney’s fees of the  Law Office in Rockford, court deductions and the verdicts interests.

    Know from The Law Office in Rockford what to expect if you lose in a trial?

    You should work on all possibilities of not losing, If you lose; you should consult with your lawyer or lawyers to see whether an appeal is possible. An appeal is usually very expensive process so you have to be sure whether you can afford it, your lawyer should give you the appropriate advice on the matter.

    Are there chances of getting a nominal settlement when we lose?

    In some instances, the insurance company tries to avoid an appeal by paying a nominal settlement although the probability of such incidence is usually very minimal. The best option is to prepare well for a trial and make sure your case is clear on liabilities, this will give you an upper hand in winning the case, and justice finally will prevail.

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