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    Witness Tips from Lawyer in Rockford

    Pointers for the Witness (Part 4)

    9. ANSWER THE QUESTION; ANSWER THE QUESTION DIRECTLY, THEN STOP TALKING. You must know what the question is. Some lawyers deliberately ask two questions as if one question, so that you’re wrong€ if you answer the last part. Others will speak something wrong as if a statement, then ask you the question. Listen and then be sure what the question is before talking. You have the right to say you don’t understand that question.

    You must stop talking because:

    The jury doesn’t need to know everything.
    They want to know your answer only.

    10. SPEAKING CONFIDENTLY. This is very important. Everyone wants to hear what you have to say. They won’t believe you if they can’t hear you. Most do not believe anyone who does not care enough to speak loudly. One way is to look at the wall right behind the lawyer asking the question and speak like you were talking to that wall. If you want to be believed — speak up! TALK VERY LOUD!


    Slow it Down and Listen to that question.
    Answer that actual question, and then stop.
    Talk with extreme confidence.
    Tell the absolute truth.
    Keep things short.
    Don’t miss a chance to stop your talking!
    Answer a question is this five-part process:

    1. Listen to that question.
    2. Wait for the attorney to stop.
    3. Think what the question is.

    If you don’t understand, say so.

    1. Decide what the answer is.
    2.  Speak you answer.

    Read these Witness Tips from Lawyer in Rockford and make the trial easier for you.

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